Project Services

Our development and construction management consultancies services encompass a range of activities aimed at delivering successful construction projects, including contract administration, project management, development monitoring, employer’s agent services, party wall and neighbourly matter consultation, as well as advising on compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM).

Our expertise in these areas enables us to provide comprehensive support to clients throughout the development and construction process, from inception to completion, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

We provide extensive development and construction management services:

  • Planned repair and maintenance works.
  • Insurance claim reinstatement (fire and flood).
  • Major repairs and refurbishment
  • Specialists in Block/Property Management Works.
  • Tenant Alterations – Licences to Alter/Applications for Alteration
  • Feasibility Studies

Contract Administration

In the context of a building contract, the Contract Administrator (CA) assumes a vital role in overseeing the execution of the planned maintenance and repair works.

The CA’s responsibilities include managing the contractual relationships between the parties involved, coordinating the various aspects of the project, monitoring progress and quality, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards, and resolving any issues or disputes that may arise.

By acting as a liaison between the client and the contractor, the CA plays a pivotal role in ensuring the successful delivery of the works, in accordance with the agreed specifications, within the prescribed timeframe and budget.

The CA’s expertise and experience in contract administration are crucial in ensuring that the works are completed to the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability, while also minimizing the risk of disputes or delays.

 This involves:

  • Preparing the client brief, budget and target programme
  • Providing advice on form of building contract
  • Preparing specifications and tender documentation
  • Obtaining competitive tenders, analysing tenders and selecting a contractor
  • Preparing the building contract
  • Controlling budgets, agreeing variations and certification of payment
  • Monitoring the works, ensuring compliance with the contract specification
  • Negotiating and agreeing the final account
  • Dealing with defects arising during the Rectification Period

Insurance Claim Reinstatement

A fire or flood within your home or business can be a stressful and emotional time.

Liaising with the Loss Adjustor appointed by the insurer we can agree the cause and extent of damage, identify the required remedial repair/reinstatement works, provide Contract Administration services to ensure works are completed and agree the quantum of the claim.

Health and Safety & CDM Consultancy

Health & Safety management should be a key objective of any project. As well as being part of an organisations CSR liabilities, sound health and safety management is a key factor in delivering an efficient and commercially successful project.

We can undertake the role of Principal Designer under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, to plan, manage and monitor the health and safety aspects of any project.

Feasibility Studies

Our consultancy offers Feasibility Studies to help our clients evaluate a scheme’s viability and potential benefits, prior to committing any significant expenditure.

These studies are a critical first step in the development process, and they involve a thorough analysis of the project’s key parameters, such as the site conditions, market demand, regulatory requirements, financial feasibility, and potential risks and opportunities.

Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with our clients to assess the scheme’s feasibility, identify any constraints or issues that may affect its implementation, and provide recommendations on how to optimize its design, cost, and performance.

By conducting a comprehensive feasibility study, we can help our clients make informed decisions about the viability of their projects and ensure that they are well-positioned to achieve their desired outcomes, while minimizing risks and uncertainties.

This may involve:

  • Investigating of works
  • Design and layout possibilities and restrictions
  • Legal implications, including lease obligations
  • Statutory Consents (planning and Building Regulations)
  • Preparation of budget costs
  • Programming

Major Repairs and Refurbishment

Our consultancy provides comprehensive services for major repairs and refurbishment projects, aimed at improving the functionality, performance, and value of a property or asset.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our clients to understand their needs and aspirations, and develop a bespoke scheme that meets their requirements, whilst also being feasible and compliant with relevant regulations and standards.

As part of our service, we design and specify alterations that are tailored to our clients’ needs, taking into account factors such as aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, and sustainability. We also obtain the necessary statutory consents, such as planning and building control approvals, and manage the entire process on our clients’ behalf.

Throughout the construction phase, our team assumes the role of Contract Administrator, ensuring that the works are completed to the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability.

We manage the contractual relationships between the parties involved, monitor progress and quality, ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards, and resolve any issues or disputes that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards, and that our clients are fully satisfied with the end result.

Whether it’s a complex refurbishment of a historic building or a modernization of a commercial property, our team has the expertise and experience to deliver successful outcomes, meeting our clients’ expectations and enhancing the value and performance of their assets.

Tenant Alterations – Licences to Alter/Application for Alterations

A well-documented Licence for Alterations provides certainty in interpreting reinstatement provisions and can help in avoiding costly disputes at the end of a lease.

We work for both tenants and landlords to agree a Licence for Alterations/Application for Alterations. For landlord’s this will involve the monitoring of the work to ensure that it complies with the stipulations of the licence.


Listed buildings need to be treated sympathetically, especially when considering alterations and improvements to energy efficiency. Even if a building is not listed, repair and conservation works must be specified carefully, to ensure the benefits of modern technology are balanced with the need to maintain traditional character, thus preserving our built heritage for future generations.

Once works have been identified we can liaise with Conservation Officers, prepare Heritage Statements and submit applications for Listed Building Consent.  We have wide experience in specifying repairs to listed and historic buildings, as well as refurbishments and alterations.